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    [TVB] ICAC Investigators 2007 廉政行動 (2007) [05/05] [Complete]


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    [TVB] ICAC Investigators 2007 廉政行動 (2007) [05/05] [Complete] Empty [TVB] ICAC Investigators 2007 廉政行動 (2007) [05/05] [Complete]

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    [TVB] ICAC Investigators 2007 廉政行動 (2007) [05/05] [Complete] Icacus8
    [TVB] ICAC Investigators 2007 廉政行動

    Cast: Danny Lee, Michael Miu, Priscilla Ku, Ron Ng, Sunny Chan, Astrid Chan, Michelle Yim, Edmond Leung, Shirley Yeung, Fiona Yuen, Kenny Wong, Power Chan, Raymond Wong, Theresa Fu, Claire Yiu, Law Ka Ying, Lee Lai Lai, Kwok Fung, Lee Kok Long, Yuen Siu Cheung

    Episode: 5

    PLOT: ICAC Forensic Documentary series is taken from the real cases in ICAC. It is reported that the Executive Office of the play is a real scene filming, the reality of many investigators have seen the play "investigation"; "Vanguard" to "The action", adapted from TVB and the actual shooting ICAC cases, the case will be dramatic with many provocative and action scenes. If you think that after reading the investigation of corruption cases and relevant is so simple, we can frankly tell you that the investigation of bumpy roads and rugged and can not just be an hour less than accountable. After all, most people only focus on results and neglect process; As the audience likes to see the results of the investigation, they will not interested in the process, because the anti-corruption work is not as simple as you might have imagined

    Episode 01
    Episode 02
    Episode 03
    Episode 04
    Episode 05

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    Credit: TNPLACE

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