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    [CN] The Spirit Of The Sword 浣花洗劍錄 (2007) [24/24] [Complete]


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    [CN] The Spirit Of The Sword 浣花洗劍錄 (2007) [24/24] [Complete] Empty [CN] The Spirit Of The Sword 浣花洗劍錄 (2007) [24/24] [Complete]

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    [CN] The Spirit Of The Sword 浣花洗劍錄 (2007) [24/24] [Complete] TheSpiritoftheSword
    [CN] The Spirit Of The Sword 浣花洗劍錄

    Cast: Nicholas Tse, Gillian Chung, Annie Yi, Patrick Tam, Qiao Zhen Yu, Yang Rui, Zhao Hong Fei, Ji Chun Hua, Zhou Li, Xu Xiang Dong, Shao Bing

    Language: MANDO

    Epiosde: 24

    PLOT: This new version of The Spirit of the Sword departs from the original novel by revolving around Japanese swordsman Bai Yi Ren, offering a new perspective on the story. Tse stars as a young swordsman who travels to the Middle Kingdom in search of seven mythical swords to fulfill his father's dying wishes. Though he has no intentions of causing trouble, his quest unwittingly brings him into conflict with the martial arts world as he gets pulled into mysterious conspiracies and a dangerous clash with his stepbrother.[Credit: YesAsia]

    Episode 01 Episode 02 Episode 03 Episode 04 Episode 05
    Episode 06 Episode 07 Episode 08 Episode 09 Episode 10
    Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15
    Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20
    Episode 21 Episode 22 Episode 23 Episode 24

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    Credit: TNPLACE

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