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    Healing Souls - 生命有明 天(2008) [22/22] [Complete]


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    Healing Souls - 生命有明 天(2008) [22/22] [Complete] Empty Healing Souls - 生命有明 天(2008) [22/22] [Complete]

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    Healing Souls - 生命有明 天(2008) [22/22] [Complete] HealingSouls
    Healing Souls - 生命有明天

    Cast: Francis Ng, Jessica Hsuan, Wang Ya Nan, Huo Si Yan, Jackie Lui, Zhang Dan Feng, Liu Jia, Zhang Lei, Lau Siu Ming, Xu Zi Xian, Lu Jing Jing, Fang Xiao Hua, Wei Zong Wan

    Episode: 22

    PLOT: A hospital can be likened to life's stage...a place that exhibits performances of birth, death, illness, return to health, and the culmination of despair and hope. "Healing Souls" centers around the personal and professional lives of physicians, medical students and other staff at an underprivileged traditional hospital. They include Qin Huo, a surgeon, and Wen You, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, two young and talented physicians with polar opposite personalities who find themselves working awkwardly together. The hospital's director, Guan Bo, is terminally ill and wishes to groom a successor to carry on his medical practice. Through various challenges and unexpected crises, Huo and You gradually learn to respect each other's differences to form a successful partnership based on the timeless themes of love and compassion. [WP]

    Episode 01
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    Episode 22

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    Credti: TNPLACE

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